I had a pretty bad knee injury happen to me at work and my employer was kind of shady. I didn’t know what to do. I started researching and came across Naomi‘s information videos on YouTube. I was impressed with how many videos she created and how many of my questions were answered. I hired Naomi and her firm to represent me. This is the first and hopefully last time I had to navigate a workers compensation process. I have however delt with attorneys before and I wasn’t thrilled. This was the best experience I’ve ever had with an attorney.

As it turns out, Naomi and her husband Will, are both attorneys and they both spearheaded my case.

I am very impressed at how professional this dynamic duo conducted themselves with me and the people whom they communicated with on my behalf.

You will not find an ounce of sleeze or desperation at this firm. These people operate at a higher standard than most and still keep their shark teeth intact.

I would recommend them a thousand times over and I recommend watching all of the wonderful videos they created.

Paul Kriewall

Great business!

Sergio Hermosillo

Fantastic service

Yo-Landa Brown

Best law firm ever!

Angelo Rios

Very educated on workers compensation, professional I give 5 stars.

Eastside Shalom

Would highly recommend they are friendly and caring. Thank you so much for you help resolving my case you awesome.

Hope Campos

Oh my God Naomi you are the best you have given me more information than my own attorney has given me thank you you empowered me I wish I would have came to you guys first I love your videos I love your spirit thank you for taking out time to give me information I appreciate you God bless this company.

Wanda Ahart

I contacted them on their text line with question I then receive a call from a patient and professional representative. Who understood that I didnt have any experience with my situation and took time and help me with what I needed imformation on.

Marshall battle

Awesome people and a great experience using this firm

Ken Shelton

Had the pleasure of working with Naomi and Cynthia on a very complex case. They fought for me and in the end Naomi and her team came through for me. I am glad I found them. A pleasure to have a team like this on your side.

Rudy B

Ms. Naomi Gonzales is very humble. She pick up the phone on Sunday and answered all informations that I asked for. I have watched all her videos available in YouTube about workers Compenstion. Every topic or subject in every video is very very informative. Full of information anything that you wanted to know in all aspects of worker’s Compensation. Very knowledgeable:-) thank you for your time talking to me on Sunday 😊 and good luck and wishing you all the best. God Bless🙏❤️

Victoria Mc Donald

I love Naomi! I followed all of her videos in the YouTube! She spent extra effort and time to answer each and every questions I have, even OT to provide and share the information. She did not charge me at all for an over 1hour consult even after her off time. If you are lucky enough to live in the area she works, she is your go-to person. Highly recommended!

Qiu Lynn

Naomi Gonzalez was very informative with workers comp laws in California.I recommend her to anyone with needs help or has questions about workers comp in California.

Sarah Stringer

Great law firm. Reviews your case from an honest perspective and provides excellent service. Will refer anyone I know to this firm!

Leo G.

Naomi took the time to review my workman’s comp details and thoroughly explained to me what was necessary in order to get what I deserved, she is very experienced and knowledgeable on the laws and procedures and I will recommend 100% of the time to contract with someone like her to handle your case. Even though I was not her client I am very Grateful for her insight and am very appreciative of her time! 5 stars from me! Hire an attorney who cares and will make a difference! Thank you Naomi!

Jo Mendo

Amazing. Simply amazing law firm, one of the best if you need a human being on your side who will stand up for you in your workers compensation needs and much more. I highly recommend Naomi and her team.

Omid Asadi

First to Review
Naomi and her team are as good as it gets. Personal attention that you dont get at other law firms, with the knowledge and compassion that you is above all. I had a complex case that could have easily been labeled as finish and done before I hired them. I highly recommend to go with them as they will take care of you. Thank you Naomi and Cynthia for your time and passion

Rudy B.

I found Naomi in the YouTube! Followed and watched all her videos, she is just different! Most of the WC videos, I feel like hopeless after watching them. But Naomi’s videos leading you find HOPE. I definitely believe she has passion and just love what she is doing. If you are lucky enough to live in the area she services, go-to find her!

Qiu L.

Gonzales law firm I hired them for my Workmen’s Comp. case. I had a great experience with them they did a great job I highly recommend them!

Tony B.

The Gonzalez Law Firm helped me with my workman’s comp case and have only good things to say about how they helped me through this. They made a very stressful process so much better. Jennifer was great and spent a great deal of time answering my emails and phone calls. Each conversation helped to put my mind at ease through the process and I had a lot of questions. Thank you to the Gonzalez Law Firm for getting me though this was an awesome out come! I highly recommend this company. They really do care about their clients! 🙂

Samantha O.

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